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WriterLDN: Elevating Copywriting to an Art Form with Simon Darwell-Taylor

Introducing WriterLDN, a premier copywriting service led by the seasoned and passionate wordsmith Simon Darwell-Taylor. With over 20 years of daily writing experience, Simon has honed his craft to perfection, offering businesses a unique and engaging voice that resonates with their audience.

“People don’t read ads. They read what interests them. And sometimes that’s an ad,” says Simon, encapsulating the essence of his approach. His mission is straightforward yet challenging: to create copy that captivates and converts, making readers eager to engage with the message.

Simon’s journey has been one of relentless dedication and learning. “It’s taken writing nearly every day of the last 20 years for me to have mastered it. Because my job is also that difficult,” he reflects. His commitment to excellence is matched only by his humility, a rare trait that underscores his expertise. “Almost as difficult for an Englishman to hold up his hands and say, ‘Hey, you know what, I’m pretty good at what I do.’”

Throughout his career, Simon has embraced challenges and found joy in his work. He’s met a diverse range of people and discovered that any subject can be engaging with the right mindset. “I’ve met some nice, and not so nice people and I’ve learnt that just about anything can be made to be engaging if you stay open-minded, ask the right questions and care about what you do.”

WriterLDN is distinguished by its bespoke approach. Simon doesn’t offer a ‘house-style’ because he believes that each client has a unique voice that deserves to be heard. “After all, it’s not my job to make a client sound like me, but for me to sound like them,” he explains. This philosophy involves delving deep into the values, personality, and ethos of each company or brand to craft a written style and language that truly represents them and engages their audience.

Simon’s portfolio features a curated selection of clients, chosen to showcase the caliber of his work and the company he keeps. However, he emphasizes that behind these names are countless small brands, one-man bands, start-ups, and tech specialists who have all benefited from his passion and professionalism. “If you need help discovering what your voice should be, you’re in luck as I’ve created tones of voice for international companies, famous brands, and dynamic start-ups.”

Simon welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with new clients, confident in his ability to deliver compelling copy. And in the rare case that he isn’t the right fit, he promises to connect clients with someone who can help.

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About WriterLDN

WriterLDN, founded by Simon Darwell-Taylor, offers top-tier copywriting services that captivate and convert. With over two decades of experience, Simon provides personalized, engaging copy that reflects each client’s unique voice. Whether for international corporations, renowned brands, or dynamic start-ups, WriterLDN delivers excellence with every word.

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