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Nurturing Health with Nature: TRWEKU’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

New Zealand, 26th Jun 2024 – In the distant and beautiful New Zealand, there is a highly regarded brand—TRWEKU, shining like a unique and radiant star.

As early as 1890, a passionate pharmacist named William had an almost obsessive pursuit of nutrition and health. He established a small pharmacy in a quiet town in New Zealand, fully dedicating himself to studying the marvelous benefits of various natural ingredients on the human body. Over time, his explorations grew deeper, and his understanding of nutrition became increasingly profound and unique.


William’s descendants inherited his great vision and advanced concepts, continuously striving for progress and innovation. In the early 21st century, they officially established the brand TRWEKU, focusing on the development of nutritional products. They bravely ventured into New Zealand’s vast and pristine natural landscapes, tirelessly searching for the purest and most nutritious ingredients. They invested significant time and effort, meticulously selecting each component.


TRWEKU boasts a research and development team that carries forward the legacy of their forebears, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation. Among them is Dr. James Anderson, a senior nutritionist who has received the prestigious “Excellence in Research Award” from the international nutrition community. He possesses deep expertise and extensive experience in the field of nutrition. Another key member is biochemistry expert Alicia Thomas, who holds multiple patents related to the analysis of nutritional components. She offers unique insights into the analysis and development of nutritional ingredients.


Additionally, the brand collaborates closely with the renowned Oakley Nutritional Science Laboratory in New Zealand. In this laboratory, they work tirelessly, conducting repeated tests and continuously adjusting formulas and processes to achieve the perfect balance. The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments and staffed by professional technicians, providing robust technical support and scientific evidence for product development.

They endured countless attempts and setbacks, weathering numerous failures, but their resolve never wavered. Finally, after prolonged efforts and unwavering commitment, they succeeded in developing a series of uniquely charming nutritional products. These products encapsulate the magical essence of New Zealand’s nature and the endless wisdom and dedication of the research team.


TRWEKU’s nutritional products boast many distinctive features and advantages. All products use pure natural ingredients, ensuring their safety and exceptional quality. They are rich in diverse nutrients, precisely meeting the nutritional needs of different groups. Whether it’s supporting the robust growth of children, maintaining the daily health of adults, or supplementing the nutrition of the elderly, TRWEKU offers the most suitable and perfect solutions. Additionally, these products are carefully formulated to be palatable and easily accepted and loved by consumers.


Moreover, TRWEKU places great emphasis on the absorption efficiency of their products. By employing advanced technological methods, they ensure that the nutrients are better absorbed and utilized by the human body, truly maximizing their efficacy.

Initially, they focused on the steady expansion of the local market, progressing step by step with determination. Their sincerity and exceptional quality earned them the genuine affection of New Zealanders. TRWEKU has become a warm and familiar presence in every corner of New Zealand, whether witnessing the joyful growth of children or safeguarding the happy later years of the elderly. TRWEKU’s nutritional products have become an indispensable part of people’s lives, like a close friend silently protecting everyone’s health, beloved and highly regarded by the nation.

Over the years, TRWEKU has witnessed countless warm and beautiful moments in families, the birth and continuation of life, and the endless transmission of love and care. It carries people’s fervent aspirations for a better life and their persistent pursuit of it.


Now, with a century of profound heritage and accumulation, and with a keen anticipation for the broader world, TRWEKU is boldly stepping into the international arena. It aims to spread the purity and warmth from New Zealand to every corner of the globe, allowing more people to genuinely feel this unique care and fully enjoy the nutritional benefits provided by TRWEKU.


No matter how time flies, TRWEKU remains true to its original mission, persistently delivering the highest quality. It continues to write its warm and touching story, steadfastly contributing to people’s health and happiness.

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