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Apple Rush Company, Inc. Releases Shareholder Letter to Paint a Picture of the Last Year and the Plans Moving Forward

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Orlando, FL – April 04, 2024 – Apple Rush Company, Inc. (APRU), a leading player in the functional beverage industry, proudly announces its update from last year and the plans moving forward for 2024.

Dear APRU Shareholders,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As we embark on a new phase of growth and innovation, I am excited to share with you the multitude of strategic initiatives and developments that have unfolded at APRU during the past fiscal year. The Apple Rush Company has embarked on an ambitious path remodeling itself from a private label co-packer and brand owner utilizing co-packers for our own production to a full-service production company.

Since the commencement of manufacturing operations at Lena Brewing in November 2023, our collaboration with Mitra-9 has achieved unprecedented success. We started with a test run of 20,000 cans of Mitra-9's kava beverage in November and moved to the kratom beverage in December. Our production swiftly escalated to 50,000 cans in December and January and February. Our production schedule for March is in excess of 70,000 cans and the introduction of new equipment at the brewery is set to elevate production to an impressive 300,000 cans per month by spring. Lena Brewing's staff has remarkable efficiency, boasting a 92% efficiency rate, and has been instrumental in meeting explosive demand, with projections forecasting a meteoric rise to one million units monthly by the end of 2024.

Our botanical extraction and production is moving ahead at a rapid pace. We have developed our own technology that provides us with the capability to recover 99.5% of the organic solvents we utilize in the process. Our finished extract is highly sought after with multiple companies seeking additional production from us that would allow for as much as a 10x in increased revenue from last year. Expansion of our plant to fulfill these backorders is in process and we are on target to hit our earlier projections. We are in the process of launching several new innovative retail products that we believe are game changers in the industry with a chewable tablet and our own shots and beverages. The expansion in production will allow us to continue in the development of our own products and our technology can be utilized with any botanical product, not limited to our existing lines.

Our core brands of Apple Rush and Element Brands are going to be coming soon. We have been approved to put Apple Rush back on Amazon and on a couple other platforms that will be announced soon. Our marketing efforts are being focused and we believe that timing is right to make the investment in inventory and exposure to the brands. We also are going to be expanding on our belief of responsible serving sizes for all our products. There have been a lot of changes in the hemp industry and our plans are to be on the front side of responsibility and leading the way with innovative offerings. We have decided to follow a very conservative approach in our products and are utilizing our own technologies that provide higher bioavailability of the active ingredients so that we can prove responsibility. It is never our intent to create additional addicts with our products but to transition people from pharmaceuticals to a healthier plant based alternative health therapeutic solution and eventually completely off of the product if they desire. As a company, we will never aim to sell a product based on how much active ingredient is in it but based totally on the results that the products deliver. We have been discussing the potential of either partnering or creating our own facilities to educate the public on the use and benefits of a plant based holistic style health regimen.

We are working on several other projects with testing of both kratom and hemp products with a group of veterans. This testing is to verify internal results of a sleep tablet and pain tablet for use as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. It is a blind study being done by a doctor that currently treats veterans with PTSD. This program will lead to another program being evaluated by a major University and a nonprofit organization we are working with.

We have added a lot of talent to our team with Ross Vehmeier leading the Lena Brewing operation and spearheading the production of all of our unique beverages. With Ross leading this team we have initiated a business plan with the intent to expand Lena to as many as 8 brewing operations over the next five years. Ross experience in multi-unit hospitality management and also being a serial entrepreneur brings this possibility to Apple Rush in a truly meaningful way. We should be able to become a true national player with any brand we decide to build through our own production capabilities. We also have a talented team of scientists at Alkhemical Roots that has driven our initiatives in the plant therapeutics space with our own extraction processes that are unique to what we do and provide higher efficacy than many of the existing products in the botanical space. Our team has over 25 years of extraction technology development and has spent millions of dollars developing clean botanical solutions. We intend to change our executive staff in 2024 and 2025 with the addition of a financial officer, president, and several other positions on our advisory board and the addition of independent directors.

Our plans are to attempt to raise as much as twenty million dollars with our preferred class of stock. We know this process will take some time and effort, but we believe that with the new business model of owning our own production capacity, we should be able to deliver the results needed for our shareholders. Apple Rush Company receives regular requests to produce beverages and other products for private label customers and we believe that over the next 12 to 24 months we will expand to several other new products that consumers will desire to obtain. Our capabilities include alcoholic beverages, coffee beverages, sodas, juices, and other functional beverages. With all of the projects and acquisitions we have moving forward in 2024, we believe that we could possibly generate revenues in excess of 20 million dollars per year by mid 2025.

Thank you again for being loyal shareholders and sticking with us through the tough times. The wait I am sure will be worth it and as a team we are excited to grow in 2024 and beyond.

About The Apple Rush Company, Inc.

The Apple Rush Company, Inc., through its subsidiary APRU, LLC, is a distributor of CPG products under the trademarked Apple Rush brand, Element brand and other labels. The Apple Rush brand has more than 50 years of existence in the natural beverage industry. As a historical leader in the organic and natural beverage sector our goal is to now become a leader in the distribution of anhydrous hemp oil products nationwide. For more information, please go to,, with our expanded product portfolio.

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